Monday, July 1, 2013

Makeup Masterclass with Steven Horak

Last Friday, we were treated to a makeup masterclass with Steven Horak who does makeup for the Metropolitan Opera. He showed us different techniques for highlighting our features, to make them pop onstage.

For the men, he showed us how to define angles in their face to make them look more masculine, and also how to make them look more tanned, and rugged.

For the women, he taught us how to define our eyes and lips in a soft, and feminine way, that still allows our expressions to read in a large opera house.. Here're some pictures from the class.

                                                    Steven with our model, Joseph Brent.

                                          Joe showing us the side of his face that was just done.

                                                  Steven with our model, Mika Estrin.
Look at how super defined the features on the left side of Mika's face is!

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