Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Opera Vernacular

Hello everyone! I thought that I would blog today about some opera terminology that is used a lot during the process of preparing for an opera.  For example, the cast of Les Contes d'Hoffmann had our first wandelprobe yesterday. What is a "wandelprobe," you ask? It is a musical rehearsal with the orchestra in which we go through our staging, while singing.

Some other opera jargon include:

Blocking: Blocking is also known as "staging"

Sitzprobe: A rehearsal with both the singers and the orchestra, without blocking

Stage Left: The left side of the stage, when facing the audience

Stage Right: The right side of the stage when, when facing the audience

Maestro: The conductor of the opera

Compramario role: Supporting role

Coach: Someone who helps singers with the interpretation of their roles, cleaning up musical issues, and also helping the singers with their diction

More about our tech week process will follow after the Fourth of July! Happy Holidays!

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